Why Washing Your Face is Important?

How often do you do so? twice a day, once a day, or only once in a while? Cleansing your skin on a regular basis is essential for maintaining good skin. Regardless of how exhausted you are, cleaning your face in the morning and evening is a must if you want beautiful and vibrant skin.

Why Washing Your Face is Important?

Keep Your Skin Clear

Tiny glands create oil beneath the skin. This oil protects the skin from environmental irritants. The oil forms a protective barrier on the skin’s surface, preventing bacteria and other hazardous substances from penetrating.

The follicles can become blocked as a result of a buildup of dirt and filth, trapping oil, sweat, and dead skin cells. Bacteria can enter the follicle through the lack of oil on the skin’s surface, causing inflammation. Acne is the end outcome.

Boost The Efficiency of Your Product

Without cleansing, your skin would be covered in a thick layer of dirt and grime, making it difficult for active chemicals to penetrate and perform correctly. Clearing your pores will help your skin absorb other skincare products and will make it more susceptible to treatments like Exfoliators, Masks, Serums, and moisturizers. Increase hydration

Regular facial cleaning is also essential for maintaining a healthy amount of moisture in the skin. Skin that is dehydrated appears rough, wrinkled, and aged. Cleansing helps in the regulation of the skin’s pH levels, allowing for enough water and product retention for proper skin hydration. In your regular skincare routine, Woodoo Skin is your first line of defense. To achieve vibrant and beautiful skin, follow these steps:

Step 1: Take pea-size Woodoo’s Hello, Clear skin facewash in your palm and rub your palms together to activate the product & create a lather.

Step 2: Massage the lather onto your face in a circular motion focusing and letting it stay there for 10 seconds.

Step 3: Wash it off thoroughly with plain/cold water and pat dry.

Viola! Welcome the brightened skin. For Best results use twice daily.