How To Use A Hair Serum: The Do’s And Don’ts

How To Use A Hair Serum The Do's And Don'ts

Your hair is becoming dull and dry? Can we apply hair serum every day? Or perhaps you’re curious about the use of hair serum for straightening. We will address all of your inquiries about hair serum. Choose a hair serum to soothe and calm those tresses if you’re seeking magic and want to repair all the harm that hairstyling and extreme heat have done to your hair. It’s time to add another step of using a hair growth serum to your hair care regimen.

Benefits of Hair Serum

Let’s educate ourselves on the advantages of hair serum before we teach you the dos and don’ts of applying it. Every habit we include in our daily lives must be done thoughtfully, therefore before deciding to use a serum, a person should be aware of why they want to include it in their routine for taking care of their hair.

There are several static flyaways in our tresses. You may easily control the static hairs and make them fall on your shoulder attractively by using a hair serum.

A decent hair serum will make your hair look shiny and smooth if it is dull and dry.

A decent hair serum will smooth your hair down, making them look uniform and under control, which is perfect for that uncontrolled volume. Applying a serum to your hair before styling can help shield it from unneeded high heat.

Regular application of hair serum can help prevent the damaging effects of direct sunlight, grime, and pollution. Consistency is important and is also quite powerful.

Hair Serum Do’s and Don’ts

Warning! There is always a proper manner of applying a hair care product, even though it may seem simple. Unfortunately, many of us don’t know how to apply the serum properly, so all of our serum is wasted without our knowledge.

Here is a Quick List of Recommendations For Doing and Not Doing Before Using a Hair Serum : 

-Hair Serum Do’s 

1. Clean Up! Clean Up, Please!

This step is necessary for your serum to work its magic. Use your preferred shampoo to thoroughly wash your hair. When you are ready to apply the serum, slightly dry your hair.

2. Use Sun Protection

Our hair requires protection from daily exposure to heat, filth, and pollution, just like our skin does. Use a hair serum to cover those tresses and properly protect your hair.

3. Discover Your Ideal Match

You should identify what works best for you before applying anything to your body. Start by looking for the best hair serum, checking the contents, and determining whether or not all of them are suitable for you.

4. Apply To The Ends

Dryness, roughness, and split ends are common enemies of your ends. As a result, this area of your hair needs more serum than other areas. Avoid putting serum directly on the scalp; instead, begin at the end of the body and work your way up to the head.

5. Choose According To Your Hair Type

Consider your hair type, such as if it is dry, oily, or coarse, before selecting a hair serum. Some serums are made specifically for hair that has undergone chemical processing.

-Hair Serum Don’ts

1. Apply Serum To Soaking Wet Hair

Because the serum won’t stay on soaking wet hair and defeats the purpose, hair serums function best on towel-dried hair.

2. Overuse Serum

If you use more than a few drops, your hair can end up looking oily and greasy. As a result, always use a small amount of hair serum.

3. Use On The Scalp

The idea that a hair serum may speed up hair growth is untrue. Since it is not a hair oil, the scalp should not be touched. It won’t do anything but make your hair oily, defeating the objective of your hair serum.

4. Rinse Serum After Application

Hair serums are leave-in products that hydrate, smooth, and safeguard the hair’s surface. It loses this covering when washed.

5. Use On Unwashed Hair

Serum’s capacity to shield hair from environmental irritants like dust and pollution is a significant benefit. Serums should be applied to clean, recently washed hair for them to operate as effectively as possible. It can serve as a barrier against muck in your city in this way.

To maximize the effects, apply the serum to damp hair before using any additional styling products whenever feasible. The initial application of a serum should be on clean hair, although touch-up applications of the serum are acceptable throughout the day.

We hope that this article has shown you how to benefit the most from Hair Serums. You can rock shiny hair days ahead if you choose a hair serum that is appropriate for your hair type. Apply the serum just to the hair shafts, and stop using it if it produces excessive hair loss or scalp rashes.